Dalliance and a film

An evening at home, John and Mary are sitting on the couch watching television.

John suddenly gets up and makes some popcorn, no reason he just wanted some popcorn,

The movie continues, the popcorn is about gone.  John begins amorous play with Mary, Mary moves away to another chair.  Even with Mary in another chair, John’s dalliances continue as Mary surrenders to the arms of John as the movie begins to conclude.

They decide to watch another movie, Mary, all relaxed, still in the arms of John.  They talk a bit as the preview of the next film begins to show.  The show starts, about half-way into the film Mary, tired from a day at work, falls asleep in John’s arms.  Upon completion of the second movie John wakes Mary and sends her to bed, he checks the doors and lights before he goes to bed.


A short evening at home watching TV for John and Mary.  Encouraged use of Dalliance.

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