Today 6/20

I will be home with company for most of the day and again on Thursday afternoon.  That is ok, I will still get a lot done.  It does change a little of what I had plan but I guess it is my fault that the company is coming over anyway.

I ordered me a USB bar to put behind my computer to allow me to place all my USB wires into it vice the computer.  It is so heavy wired now it looks like a thousand wires back there.  I just need something neater for my own satisfaction.  It was funny when I ordered it, boat mail would have been ok with me, but no, I had to choose $13.80 USPS, or $13.21 UPS.  I do not remember which I chose.  Anyway, I believe it will be here by Friday or Saturday.

Wednesday 6/20

Taking a break and letting all settle down is an asset.  I watch some TV shows and came back to it and I installed all of my emails on the computer now.

Today I am doing a favor for a friend.  I will be doing some communicating on here and other places in the area.  I have a few other areas of enjoyments that I will endure during the day.  My main goal is to remain positive.  Of course I will, I am use to it now.

I plan on eating kinda good today and will be good.  I will most likely pay some bills since one of my pay days will be today.  I must not forget good coffee at home looking at a donut.