Tuesday 6/19

I got caught up on my accomplishment goals of yesterday.  Today I am working on today and the rest of the week.  Today in 1976 my second son was born.  I will have to call him later.

I have been working on my Office 365 Business Premium platform.  It is geared more for big business than no business, but the applications are the same and easier to handle.

I received a text last evening, asking if I could take them to a job interview.  Well, I did agree to it.  They have to be there at 2pm and if it is like the last time, the same place,  they will not be ready when I go to pick them up and will be 15 – 30 minutes late for the interview.  I can not understand the modern-day expectations of people looking for work.  The initial impression is the first impression of getting a job.  When I was in the market for a job, I wore a coat and tie to an interview.  Oh well, I am not in the game no longer nor was I ever a MOD Squad member.

So, until the next update on my un-exciting life, this will do it for now.  It is Tuesday 6/19.

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