Positivity temptation

I am having one of those days when everything has turned to mud.  I like that word.  I am still staying positive that something will work and I will again be have normal.  I have lost my  Gmail to my computer and can not get it or any other of my emails installed.  I do have gmail on my phone and well, it is busy.  My tablet I still have it there.  Ok I will let it go until tomorrow and I will try to crank it up again.  Now other than this small glitch all is going well.  I have to go eat in a few minutes.

I am full of positivity today.  Umm that could be my problem, that is I have too much.  Nah not me.  At least I did not lose this location I would be lost for something to do, and nice people to pick on. lol.  Tomorrow it will be much better I am positive.

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