Positivity temptation

I am having one of those days when everything has turned to mud.  I like that word.  I am still staying positive that something will work and I will again be have normal.  I have lost my  Gmail to my computer and can not get it or any other of my emails installed.  I do have gmail on my phone and well, it is busy.  My tablet I still have it there.  Ok I will let it go until tomorrow and I will try to crank it up again.  Now other than this small glitch all is going well.  I have to go eat in a few minutes.

I am full of positivity today.  Umm that could be my problem, that is I have too much.  Nah not me.  At least I did not lose this location I would be lost for something to do, and nice people to pick on. lol.  Tomorrow it will be much better I am positive.

Tuesday morning coffee

I made a pot of home-brewed coffee to my pleasure.  I ate a ham sandwich, pleasing to my taste this AM.  I came over to my computer and got on one of my favorite sites and read some blogs, liked a few, and ran from a few.  I believe that is the way it is to be done each day.  I need a donut just to look at while I drink my coffee. ummm??

I made one phone call and the individual was still in bed, maybe he will stay there all day.  I would have stayed longer in bed but I am old and I have pills, shots, and other medical events that I have to be up for.  All they do is mess up my schedules.

Sometimes I get to brainstorming with myself over what I should do next.  Do you realize how hard it is to convince yourself of something that neither of you want to do?  When you share your life with the same ones all the time you soon become one, now I am speaking of me, myself, and I, not the other relationship of him and her, man and wife, (I have to) man and man.  Normally, I can say brainstorming (civil) is communication between two.  To be successful in a relationship, regardless what it is, communications is one of the key factors so success.

Time for another cup and some more thinking out loud.

Tuesday 6/19

I got caught up on my accomplishment goals of yesterday.  Today I am working on today and the rest of the week.  Today in 1976 my second son was born.  I will have to call him later.

I have been working on my Office 365 Business Premium platform.  It is geared more for big business than no business, but the applications are the same and easier to handle.

I received a text last evening, asking if I could take them to a job interview.  Well, I did agree to it.  They have to be there at 2pm and if it is like the last time, the same place,  they will not be ready when I go to pick them up and will be 15 – 30 minutes late for the interview.  I can not understand the modern-day expectations of people looking for work.  The initial impression is the first impression of getting a job.  When I was in the market for a job, I wore a coat and tie to an interview.  Oh well, I am not in the game no longer nor was I ever a MOD Squad member.

So, until the next update on my un-exciting life, this will do it for now.  It is Tuesday 6/19.

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