Space a theater, admission free

My GOD, All GODs have given us a theater to enjoy during the evening hours.  Yes, it does require some effort of the viewer to enjoy the show.  The weather has to play a part also before the production can be shown.

I was a witness in 1979 while in the Suez Canal, we had to anchor for about 12 hours so the north bound traffic could pass.  A bunch of us gathered on the flight deck, some as I did laid back on the deck looking up into the clear night watching the show.  With the bare eyes, I was able to watch satellites move to and fro.  Considering their actual speeds, they appeared slow.  Shooting stars, constellations, and so much more.  Space a theater, admission free for all to see.

So, on some clear night, add some bug spray, go out lay back, look up and be amazed.  GODs theater is open for business.

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