Monday 6/18

Other requirements prevent my going to the coffee shop today.  I made coffee in the apartment.  Coffee, gravy, and biscuit a feast of the morning.

My morning activities included some reading of blogs, doing one course on LinkedIn, and listening to one chapter from the King James.  I am amazed how sobering the lack of rumors, profanities, and childlike acts from a 75-year-old kid is.  Do not get me wrong, I am not a virgin to acting less than my age at times.  I try to understand my limitations and not exceed them. Another story for another day.

I must update my calendar for doctor appointments. They will start showing up next week and beyond.  I am hoping to hear from the Veterans Affairs on my disability claim within the near future.

I have been giving some thought to some serious writing or maybe a book.  I know it will be a lot of work, I do not mind work.  I will have to check and recheck and hope I can find some talent to make whatever I do work out.  Should I decide to take that route, I will announce it as soon as I know if it worth my effort.

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