Dictionary online

I, today, got tied with Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary online.  I now have it bookmarked.  They also have  Word of the day and other word use games to aid in learning new words.  I hope to improve my words with this effort.  I will see I guess in a few days how it is going.

Harmony and mellifluousness

Harmony in music is the combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes to produce chords and chord progressions having a pleasing effect.  To be in harmony is to have a mellifluous sound?  I wonder if in music, then is it possible the same would apply to literature or a written communication?  Should I have graphomania, I would love to find the ability to provide the answer.  Years ago I learned the techniques of grammalogue and brachygraphy (shorthand), but due to lack of use I have forgotten it and no longer can apply.


I did the visit to the coffee shop

I did the visit to the coffee shop.  I, on my way there, stopped at Starbucks and got my server friend some kind of drink that she likes.  It is always good to be on the good side of those who serve you.  I, if she was cooking, wanted the fiesta omelet so she cooked for myself and four others sitting there.  She want to be there much longer, in August she will be quitting and driving a school bus.  Her whole family is or has worked for the facility for years.

I did the visit to the coffee shop, probably not again until maybe the following weekend.  I am trying to break the habit of going there each day as I have over the last eight years.  After a while one burns out on the same routines each day.  I have a friend that is married, but spends 3/4 of his day between two different facilities drinking coffee and talking to the servers.  It is too much for me.  He is older than I am and he wants to work because he spends so much money of the servers.  That is him and I am me, so I will do it my way.  Yes, I did the visit to the coffee shop.

Sunday 6/17

Another find day to have a cup of coffee, maybe something good to eat also.  I do not think I will bore you with the pictures of a girl serving coffee and a meal.  Maybe something different I can just tell you in words what I will eat and how good it will taste.  it will be nothing spectacular but it will be good eating none the less.

Ok here it is:  now this is if my special cook or server is there to cook for me.  A fiesta omelet and coffee a $7.62 meal.  Second choice will be two eggs scrambled with hash browns, and toast with coffee a $5.00 meal.  Both will carry a 10% discount from the prices indicated.

Happy Fathers Day