Today I made a list of things to do

Placeholder ImageToday I made a list of things to do.  I have completed all but one item, but it was half done the clothes got washed, dishes got washed, the beds never got made, and all of the other stuff was done also.

Years ago some old people told me some wisdom, did I listen to them, yes when they were talking to me, as I walked away all the wisdom slid right out of my ears.  The people were all kin to me, uncles and my granddaddy.  I am sorry to say my real dad was never around me, he did spend some time with my half-sisters, but not much there either.  He has left this world before I had a chance to get to know him.  I regret that the last thing that I said to him was not very nice and I feel bad because of it.  I will carry it with me for my life.

Tomorrow I shall make a list of things to do, I am sure I will make most of them a completion on my list.  I am about ready to try something different and fun.  I have to figure it out as to what and how I want to go about it.  I really have no clue right now but it will come to me and I will outline it and then add some building material and then see what it may be.

Today has come and today is about gone, I am moving to the darkness of the evening and see where it will take me.  May the darkness by good to all.

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