The first schools in America

Yesterday, I was brainstorming myself with various questions of which I had no answer, nor did I understand what I was looking for as a result.  Being of a small brain, kinda like my wallet, empty, I quarried myself with, “what was the first school in America?”.  Yes, in fact there was a first school in America, it was established by Puritan Settlers on April 21, 1635, in the home of Schoolmaster Philemon Pormont.  The school was later moved to School Street.  Initially boys of various social status were able to attend then in 1972 girls were accepted.  The school located in Boston, Ma was known as the Boston Latin School.  It might be noted as well, that Boston Latin was America’s first public school and John Cotton (1585-1652) was the first school.

You may not find it in history books any longer, times, as did education, has changed and so much has been deleted or no longer required.  But should you ever ask the question to yourself, now you have the answer.

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