Man and Woman the Story closes here

Man, having been overseas for a while, saw woman and they conversed a bit, mainly about the boys.  Woman indirectly ask man not to come around her house any longer, in hopes that he would understand her meaning, not her, but her husband’s pressure.  Returned the words via the source that it was understood and would respect her wishes.  The divorce went well, and both were happy and went their separate ways at that time.

The years have advanced, their families began to lose population.  Sickness plagued both families.  They continue in their lives; the respect and concerns remain strong.  All children are grown now and in families of their own.  Some families are growing others stagnated.

Man accepted responsibility for the difficulties.  It was best that way.  Really not much to say now both are living the best that they can within their lives.

I shall close Man and Woman here, lives are private, and they are happy but not well.  Both are nice people.

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