Friday 6/15

  • Its Friday 6/15, so what does that mean 
  • To some people it’s a birthday,  
  • To others if might be a wedding, 
  • To others if might be a memory. 
  • Either was it is still Friday 6/15. 
  • Ok, what do you do on Friday 6/15 
  • Well, like any other day you can work, 
  • You can get paid, 
  • You can go to a party at some facility, 
  • You can even take off work on vacation. 
  • I think I like Friday 6/15. 
  • Umm, it is just a day of the week in a month and some year. 
  • This Friday 6/15 is the Friday before Father’s Day in the USA. 
  • So happy Father’s Day to each, enjoy your day. 

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