Automatic life

I am doing this via Adobe today, I wanted to try something new and see how it would work. It might be hard to read, I know that writing is no longer taught in schools so I guess by now they have outlawed indian’s smoke signals, and flag waving aboard ships as in the Navy aboard ships. Oh, have you heard that in the future, not too far out, money will most likely become extent and either a debit or credit card will be used. Of course, now if you think about it, smart phones are being use now for purchases. It is like a debit card or a credit card transaction. So if you are doing that look around to see if the cell phone hacker is behind you or besides you hacking.

Transportation, we have the smart cars and trucks you are a passenger in the vehicle and only there in case of an emergency, which means it will probably be your fault that the car is not as smart as you. Can you see a self powered motorcycle going down the road with no driver but a passenger. Not this boy, I do not do doubles as it is now.

They have had self pilots on planes for sometime and it is usually the dummy behind the stick that crashes and not the self pilot button. Large cruise liners and cargo vessels can pretty much drive themselves also. It has to be manned on the bridge at all times because of problems or to prevent one.

Imagine a self driving of a bicycle, a horse, mule, or, well know of people “Robots (male and female) no kids bots yet,” that receive their walking papers from some other sources. Farmers have had for sometime now tractors that will plow all days back and forth, no breaks, no food, just some gas or diesel and will always be right on target in the rows.

Can we elect government officials and put them on automatic controls so they will work? I wonder.

Nice little story hope you enjoy

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