Pain of the feet

  • Pain, my Pain I toll with you all day
  • Pain, you are extreme today, I know not why
  • I ask, why me?, yes, my pain I am diabetic,
  • That is not why you torture me as you have today.
  • Pain, I am so used to you and your antics, and I do not succumb before
  • Pain, so unbearable, a battle that I can no longer sustain,
  • Pain, I did a short time ago succumb to your agitation
  • I laid for a short nap, and you gave in for now.
  • I know you connive to inflect more discomfort,
  • Pain, bring your friends, I will battle as long as I can,
  • I have no desire to surrender to you or any other force today,
  • Only one force, a comforting force shall I surrender to and lay down my arms
  • Pain, you are of the Devil and you matter not to me,
  • Pain, if I succumb to you with full surrender, I will be routed straight to Hell.
  • My GOD please reinforce my will not to succumb to the other,
  • The torture of my feet unbearable to me, but I shall fight as long as it takes.
  • Pain, go away, you are warned positive life lives here in this body.

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