My nefarious thought

Today I woke to think about that is the news of today.  I know not because I have just woke from a good nights sleep.  News papers, and the tube will tell me all I really do not care to know.  If it is not good, then it is not positive, so I can’t use it in my day.

Well, sure enough, the stock market is up, the government is messing up, and the nefarious activities of gangs around the world continue.  As I said nothing of interest to me at this time.  Where is my coffee.

I drink my coffee, and will have another cup with my meal, yum.  Then I shall move on to the next best thing for today and that is to busy myself with what I enjoy most.  Positivity.

The nefarious activities of gangs, mobs, governments, etc. has been going on for years, centuries.  Nothing can be done about it now, so why keep it in the news.  Either take it on and win the fight or forget about all together.  You can not fix a problem if you do not understand it and get mixed up in it in some way.

That is my first word deal: nefarious

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