Encouragement from a rock

It is one of those days from which I would much rather pass by and get on with my life in a more enjoyable sitting.  Fear not, as it is said, life will get better and more enjoyable at some later date to be determined by that of fate.  Fate, however, is always present but in a silent way but can act in a very alarming way at times.  Without fate we’d have no fears, happiness, or anger to reckoned with.  Would life be better if we had no fate?  I, the unlearned, would have say no, but it would be cacaos.  So, is fate a religious terminology?  Again, the unlearned, would say no not in the direct sense.  

So, what might today behold for me?  I know not the answer to that interrogative.  I ponder over the present minute, not a later hour for which I know nothing of interest.  I ask, is it expected, that because of a fear, that I shall investigate my ever move?  I would think not that I shall be controlled in such manner, to degrade me beneath my statue in good standing within society.  Therefore, I shall not ponder such reckoning, but shall go forth with my cause for today, fear or no fear of what fate might bestow upon me today. 

He that forsakes his cause because of a fear, lacks the fortitude to fulfill his destiny.  Our purpose is that to learn all, excel in what we do, complete what we begin, and our mission is to accomplish.  Let no government degrade you below perfection and deny you rights granted by higher authority.  Stand erect as a gentleman or gentlewoman, fear not oppression or degradation from others as your rights are forever, and your abilities are what you do with them.  

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