Billy Bob and Sally Mae pt 3

It has been a while since we heard from Billy Bob and Sally Mae and their travels.  Well, some good news I located them and boy did they have some tails to verbalize.  We went out for dinner and talked a lot, joked around some and acted like we were great friends.  Well, Billy Bob said that they enjoyed seeing El Paso and the surrounding areas including some areas south of the border.  They visited Ciudad Juárez in Mexico.

From here they are crossing over into New Mexico Las Cruces which is located on Interstate 10.  Las Cruces has mountains to the east-northeast, to the north, it is hills but nothing really bad.  After you cross over the mountains eastward you will come into the proving ground area for the military training area.  If you go west are going toward Phoenix, AZ.  It is my suggestion that at some point either from Las Cruces, to head north, or to go over to Phoenix, AZ and go north on I-17 to Flagstaff AZ.  Now that is a very mountainous highway.  I feel if they go north either to I-40 or to I-80 then head back east they will have a better trip.  If they want to see the Grand Canyon go-ahead to Phoenix and they are very close to it.

I think they are going to the canyon this trip then north along it to I-80 from which they will turn back toward the east.  After the trip completion they will have a lot of great photos and so much to remember and talk about.  I am going to let them travel for a while and I will get back with them somewhere around Phoenix.

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