Pain of the feet

  • Pain, my Pain I toll with you all day
  • Pain, you are extreme today, I know not why
  • I ask, why me?, yes, my pain I am diabetic,
  • That is not why you torture me as you have today.
  • Pain, I am so used to you and your antics, and I do not succumb before
  • Pain, so unbearable, a battle that I can no longer sustain,
  • Pain, I did a short time ago succumb to your agitation
  • I laid for a short nap, and you gave in for now.
  • I know you connive to inflect more discomfort,
  • Pain, bring your friends, I will battle as long as I can,
  • I have no desire to surrender to you or any other force today,
  • Only one force, a comforting force shall I surrender to and lay down my arms
  • Pain, you are of the Devil and you matter not to me,
  • Pain, if I succumb to you with full surrender, I will be routed straight to Hell.
  • My GOD please reinforce my will not to succumb to the other,
  • The torture of my feet unbearable to me, but I shall fight as long as it takes.
  • Pain, go away, you are warned positive life lives here in this body.

My nefarious thought

Today I woke to think about that is the news of today.  I know not because I have just woke from a good nights sleep.  News papers, and the tube will tell me all I really do not care to know.  If it is not good, then it is not positive, so I can’t use it in my day.

Well, sure enough, the stock market is up, the government is messing up, and the nefarious activities of gangs around the world continue.  As I said nothing of interest to me at this time.  Where is my coffee.

I drink my coffee, and will have another cup with my meal, yum.  Then I shall move on to the next best thing for today and that is to busy myself with what I enjoy most.  Positivity.

The nefarious activities of gangs, mobs, governments, etc. has been going on for years, centuries.  Nothing can be done about it now, so why keep it in the news.  Either take it on and win the fight or forget about all together.  You can not fix a problem if you do not understand it and get mixed up in it in some way.

That is my first word deal: nefarious

Encouragement from a rock

It is one of those days from which I would much rather pass by and get on with my life in a more enjoyable sitting.  Fear not, as it is said, life will get better and more enjoyable at some later date to be determined by that of fate.  Fate, however, is always present but in a silent way but can act in a very alarming way at times.  Without fate we’d have no fears, happiness, or anger to reckoned with.  Would life be better if we had no fate?  I, the unlearned, would have say no, but it would be cacaos.  So, is fate a religious terminology?  Again, the unlearned, would say no not in the direct sense.  

So, what might today behold for me?  I know not the answer to that interrogative.  I ponder over the present minute, not a later hour for which I know nothing of interest.  I ask, is it expected, that because of a fear, that I shall investigate my ever move?  I would think not that I shall be controlled in such manner, to degrade me beneath my statue in good standing within society.  Therefore, I shall not ponder such reckoning, but shall go forth with my cause for today, fear or no fear of what fate might bestow upon me today. 

He that forsakes his cause because of a fear, lacks the fortitude to fulfill his destiny.  Our purpose is that to learn all, excel in what we do, complete what we begin, and our mission is to accomplish.  Let no government degrade you below perfection and deny you rights granted by higher authority.  Stand erect as a gentleman or gentlewoman, fear not oppression or degradation from others as your rights are forever, and your abilities are what you do with them.  

Billy Bob and Sally Mae pt 3

It has been a while since we heard from Billy Bob and Sally Mae and their travels.  Well, some good news I located them and boy did they have some tails to verbalize.  We went out for dinner and talked a lot, joked around some and acted like we were great friends.  Well, Billy Bob said that they enjoyed seeing El Paso and the surrounding areas including some areas south of the border.  They visited Ciudad Juárez in Mexico.

From here they are crossing over into New Mexico Las Cruces which is located on Interstate 10.  Las Cruces has mountains to the east-northeast, to the north, it is hills but nothing really bad.  After you cross over the mountains eastward you will come into the proving ground area for the military training area.  If you go west are going toward Phoenix, AZ.  It is my suggestion that at some point either from Las Cruces, to head north, or to go over to Phoenix, AZ and go north on I-17 to Flagstaff AZ.  Now that is a very mountainous highway.  I feel if they go north either to I-40 or to I-80 then head back east they will have a better trip.  If they want to see the Grand Canyon go-ahead to Phoenix and they are very close to it.

I think they are going to the canyon this trip then north along it to I-80 from which they will turn back toward the east.  After the trip completion they will have a lot of great photos and so much to remember and talk about.  I am going to let them travel for a while and I will get back with them somewhere around Phoenix.