I am so positive today

I must say that when I got up this morning I thought I was a horse.  I was rearing to go.  I was so sure today was the day that all would go well, and it has for the most part.  I feel good, I have no bad news, and I have been positively encourage all day long.  I heard from my friends Billy Bob and Sally Mae, now that was good news.  They may drop by tomorrow, my fingers are crossed.

I have been trying to wake my laptop up, dang that thing can sleep longer than a baby when you are in a hurry.  At least it is not sick and in need of a laptop doctor.  I have been on my Office 365 some today trying to see what all it will do.  It has a Blog button and I sent a couple of small things to see where it goes, it is not like WP, Blogger, or TypePad.  I do not think it leaves the office system.  The Business 365 Premium, I think uses a lot of the new technology like 5G, Azure, Dynamic 365, and a lot of cloud use.  It comes with 1TB for the cloud.  Just think the Azure and 5G are still babies.  The Dynamic 365 I think is or very close to being a baby itself.  After the third try they laptop is waking up and ready for work.

Got it logged into my Office stuff now.

Oh, did I say that I am positive today?

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