I am so positive today

I must say that when I got up this morning I thought I was a horse.  I was rearing to go.  I was so sure today was the day that all would go well, and it has for the most part.  I feel good, I have no bad news, and I have been positively encourage all day long.  I heard from my friends Billy Bob and Sally Mae, now that was good news.  They may drop by tomorrow, my fingers are crossed.

I have been trying to wake my laptop up, dang that thing can sleep longer than a baby when you are in a hurry.  At least it is not sick and in need of a laptop doctor.  I have been on my Office 365 some today trying to see what all it will do.  It has a Blog button and I sent a couple of small things to see where it goes, it is not like WP, Blogger, or TypePad.  I do not think it leaves the office system.  The Business 365 Premium, I think uses a lot of the new technology like 5G, Azure, Dynamic 365, and a lot of cloud use.  It comes with 1TB for the cloud.  Just think the Azure and 5G are still babies.  The Dynamic 365 I think is or very close to being a baby itself.  After the third try they laptop is waking up and ready for work.

Got it logged into my Office stuff now.

Oh, did I say that I am positive today?

Billy Bob and Sally Mae, Man and Woman

I am getting the skinny on Billy Bob and Sally Mae and the Man and Woman.  I have updates under script now to be produced within the next couple of days. Very funny people these guys are.  I think someone else may revive into the light before long also.  They too have an interesting story to tell.  So look forward to part 3 of these fun people.


I must give credit to Microsoft.  If you subscribe to their services as I do, Microsoft Office 365 Business Premium, they will take care of you and fast.  The techs may be in India or Russia, or somewhere away from here, but they are complete in their work.  Now they do have an avatar that wants to help, so far I have found her non helpful.  She can’t read nor understand a question asked.  I have seen rattle snakes with more brains.

I do, Microsoft, like the product.