Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Last evening, mistake or now, I subscribed to Microsoft 365 Business Premium.  It is a step up in some ways and the same in other ways.  Some areas I am experiencing some difficulties but today I will get that part corrected.  The difficulties are more than likely something that I misstepped when I was installing.  I had to cancel my subscription to the Microsoft 365 Home plan which set up was easy there.

With the business suite I will have more cloud available to me and all my files will be stored there.  It should clear up space on my computer and make it much faster.  Once I get it all set up and going I will tell more about what it is doing and how it is working.  I do not think Google likes it so far.  Kidding.

I am up early and messing around on this computer already.  Today will be another Positive day for me and of course later more thunder storms and rain.  All week it looks like.

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