I was born sweet and innocent, a life of a baby

  • I was born sweet and innocent 
  • I caused a ruckus only when I needed to eat or a change 
  • I Knew no evil 
  • The first year goes by all is good, 
  • The second year begins with sore gums 
  • The temptation to walk had come 
  • Why do they want to cut my hair? 
  • Hearing is developing well 
  •  Mumbles are turning to words with no meaning 
  • Taking steps, with a sit down at times, I smile 
  • As words start to make since, hearing has developed 
  • I do not know the words that I hear, good or bad 
  • I have begun to copy speak of others, good or bad 
  • I am trying to learn to communicate with others. 
  • I was born sweet and innocent 
  • Now I am told do not say this or that 
  • I hear others say things, I get my hands hit if I say it 
  • I was born equal to others, just smaller and nicer 
  • So where is my equality? 
  • I was born sweet and innocent. 

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