Diabetes Mellitus pt2

The chart is for your better understanding of diabetes mellitus.

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Medication for treatment of Diabetes will vary by your blood test results and your A1C interpretation.

I have taken so many different pills, a few non-insulin shots once a week, and now two different insulin one fast acting and the other long acting.  The short needles are the best not a lot of pain and will do the job.  But that is your doctors call not yours or anyone else.  If I could fix someone who had diabetes, then I would be a doctor doing that for everyone.  There is also a pump that can control your insulin intake should you get to that point.  I hope you never get to that point and do pills all the time if needed.

One thing that I do want to stress is that it can be controlled, get a good nutritionist, and a good diabetes doctor.  They will tell you how, point you into the right direction and it is up to you to do or not.  If you do not work at it, then you will swell in the legs and hurt.  I will say this low carbs.


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