I was born sweet and innocent, a life of a baby

  • I was born sweet and innocent 
  • I caused a ruckus only when I needed to eat or a change 
  • I Knew no evil 
  • The first year goes by all is good, 
  • The second year begins with sore gums 
  • The temptation to walk had come 
  • Why do they want to cut my hair? 
  • Hearing is developing well 
  •  Mumbles are turning to words with no meaning 
  • Taking steps, with a sit down at times, I smile 
  • As words start to make since, hearing has developed 
  • I do not know the words that I hear, good or bad 
  • I have begun to copy speak of others, good or bad 
  • I am trying to learn to communicate with others. 
  • I was born sweet and innocent 
  • Now I am told do not say this or that 
  • I hear others say things, I get my hands hit if I say it 
  • I was born equal to others, just smaller and nicer 
  • So where is my equality? 
  • I was born sweet and innocent. 


During the weekend I came across a lens at a good price.  I looked at it about 4 times and then I made the decision to make one of them my camera’s friend.  It is a cute little thing.

Alturo .35x fish eye HD Lens attachment.  It came and I had to go and look for it.  I called the office and she told me that she had not seen it.  I tracked and they said I had already received it.  Anyway it came today.

Diabetes Mellitus pt2

The chart is for your better understanding of diabetes mellitus.

See the source image

Medication for treatment of Diabetes will vary by your blood test results and your A1C interpretation.

I have taken so many different pills, a few non-insulin shots once a week, and now two different insulin one fast acting and the other long acting.  The short needles are the best not a lot of pain and will do the job.  But that is your doctors call not yours or anyone else.  If I could fix someone who had diabetes, then I would be a doctor doing that for everyone.  There is also a pump that can control your insulin intake should you get to that point.  I hope you never get to that point and do pills all the time if needed.

One thing that I do want to stress is that it can be controlled, get a good nutritionist, and a good diabetes doctor.  They will tell you how, point you into the right direction and it is up to you to do or not.  If you do not work at it, then you will swell in the legs and hurt.  I will say this low carbs.


The store

I hope to have some content for the store function listed on my pages.  Stand-by, you might enjoy them.  If all goes well it will be Western type of clothing, belts, purses, and hats, buckles, Bolos, and wallets.  A follow-up to the store, content, and whatever.  I did have a place but I found that it is hard to be able to advertise on here so I decided to not do a store.  If I do one later I will do it separately and share it on here.

Thank you for reading about it.

Mr President

Mr. President I do so hope that your trip to meet with North Korea will help matters in that country and the world.  Honestly, I believe it was a waste of time for you to even consider going over there.  I know that you are a great negotiator, but at the same time I do not trust North Korea as far as I could tow them.  If their country can improve and the people can have a better life, then that will be my turning point.  You have his word and the paper he signed, now let him screw up and lets us fix the problem.  Korea is a beautiful country and the people of the south are fantastic.