Valendictorian disrespected by school

I was doing some likes and I ran across a picture that caught my eye.  A High School valedictorian was speaking and the school turned off her mic.  No doubt she is smarter than the teachers in the school, but she is also an American with rights such as freedom of speech.  I can not obviate as I would like to here, but I will say this, if California can’t respect the rights of smart children during their time to shine, or at any time, then let California needs to just fold its flag and go back home.  We, in America, do not need our rights disrespected because someone else is offended.  If I offend you when I talk to you then don’t listen to me, If I offend you by just being where I am or doing what I do then you have the right to look the other way.  For GOD’s sake respect the students that you have trained especially to the level of valedictorian and let them opine their thoughts to the class and to America.  Again if we disagree we can walk away, on Army with guns are standing there forcing you to listen like in China or North Korea.  The obscurest nature of some within the State of California, well I have to say among others as well, is a sit back to our rights as Americans.

Any opinions or thought?

2 thoughts on “Valendictorian disrespected by school

  1. Agree James- there’s loads of stuff I don’t like but I believe that we have the right to speak and we also have the responsibility to listen which requires the maturity to reflect- shame on them

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