Monday 6/11

Today being a positive day in my life, I have talked to individuals of interest.  I am not used to doing that.  I do not spend my time at the Waffle House any more.  I got tired of the drama.  I saw so much, as a prior manager of people, that was so wrong.  The store managers are lacking in so many ways, yet would get personal with the help, many investigations for sexual harassment.  The company would change managers and then other discrepancies came about.  I am so an attention to detail kind of person, thanks to the military, I see everything.  I had to rest some.  Much more than that but I do not want to bore anyone with all of the details.  I am happy now that I stay home more and I do more than a routine each day.

I think I may have already said this, but last night I went to LinkedIn and completed two new courses.  I now have 60 completions to my record.  I have scheduled at least an hour or two daily just for courses.  I completed one on Blogs, and the other on Microsoft Azuer.  I will never use the Azuer, I downloaded it once and wanted to learn it, I was lost when I signed in.  It is so massive and involved, I think it is using 5G technology and the cloud systems.  I so wish that I had the time to learn it all, 5G, Cloud, Azuer, wow, so much out there to comprehend.

I write a lot in first person because I guess I can learn from that person a lot of good wisdom.  The first person has been around so many things and do so much, he is my mentor should I have one.  He says his problem is the was taught so much, and acted so stupid growing up, that he wasted much more.  But I do know for a face that he never smoked, did drugs,  but yes he did drink a little.

The thunder has returned.  It is Monday 6/11 the life and story goes on.  Thank you for hearing my thoughts today.

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