Diabeties Mellitus

References:  Personal experience, Diabetic doctors, MD, Kidney doctors, ADA and other readings of the medical profession.  A list will follow in the next addition.

I do not have a medical degree and I have no intention to diagnose the reader or treat a reader.  I am writing from research, personal experiences, and I will refer to articles that have been published by medical doctors.  I have been under doctors care since 1995 for diabetes type II.  I began treatment with pills, and diet.  I will take you down the road that I have traveled then at the end I will leave you with a couple of thoughts to consider.

  • Type 1 and Type II
  • Estimated 3 million cases per year
  • No none cure, but can be treated by lowering the blood sugar levels i.e., A1C levels
  • Can cause death, kidney disease, stroke, heart problems, and peripheral nerve damage, and other problems as well.
  • Is related or causes many other disorders, hypertension, hypoglycemia, eye problems and other.
  • Developes from inadequate production of insulin
  • Cells may not be using or responding  to insulin production in a proper way.
  • Controlled diet can aid in the reduction of blood sugar
  • Exercise also contributes to a reduction of blood sugar.

If I may interject here personal experiences:  I am controlled to a A1C level of 6.3 which is good, the best is below 6.0 and the doctors get concerned when above 7.0.  When I visit a doctor I can expect a blood test which will include an A1C result.  The A1C represents your diet and blood conditions for the last 3 months.

When I was first told that I was diabetic, I could not believe it.  My mother had it bad, as did others in my family,  but not me I am never sick.  Yep, that is stupid thinking.  Eyes became b blurred, filling crazy and that was me.  I was on the medications, pills, at the time and I was driving trucks at that time.  So, I was being stupid and I came off my meds for a while.  My vision was acting up, so I took a sugar reading, simple test, and my reading was over 500.  Well when I got home I went to the doctor and got myself back on the medication.  This was in the 1990’s.  Today I am on one shot three times a day, and one shot at bedtime.  No pills now.  I have things like Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), I am hypoglycemic (low blood sugar).  So, I look at is a cancer, and I have had a cancer also, it will take you down slowly, and you will now what is going on until it tells you to go to see the doctor.  My mother had a number of strokes and was paralyzed before she passed.

When a doctor says this is wrong with you, do research, learn all you can about it, work with the doctors, ask questions, and they can help you.  I will have more on this subject soon.  I hate to see anyone down in life.  Life is too good to lose if you can avoid it.

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