Happy Sunday 6/10


Happy Sunday 6/10!  Waking up with strong positivity today, soon will eat, feeling good and I am ready for whatever this day will bring my way. I have not planned anything to do, but I am sure I will find something should I decide to do something.

Mr. Owl says it a good day to just listen to nature.  He says if you listen hard enough you will walk away with much knowledge.  I hear the birds outside chirping more today than for the last three days.  I hear that the ticks are out strong this year, now that is not good news at all.  I got into a nest of ticks a few years back in Oklahoma and I got them off of me before they started sticking to me.  I have a phobia when it comes to ticks.

I shall find something of interest to do today and I will ponder my thoughts more a bit later.  Happy Sunday 6/10.

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