4g to 5g

I was just watching some videos from various developers of the 5g technologies.  They covered the history to back when 1g was alive and well.  In fact I still have one of those long cell phones with the big black tail sticking up in the air.  I got it from Sprint, as a driver of big rigs, it came in handy but analog was expensive.  The 5g is going to be very complicated and will do so much more once it is fully implemented.  If I understood it correctly they are trying to make sure that the signals destined to a particular unit will get there and not interfere with other units.  It makes sense for such considerations.

The second video was from Microsoft on the subject of Dynamic 365 technology.  In the video people were walking around with tablets, giving briefings using data from all aspects of the business.  Dynamic 365 will encompass all functions of a business into one report collection platform.  To me it looked like less manpower and more technological involvement.

Anyway, as a lover of technology and it’s future, I was amazed with what they are trying to do just in communications.  The business control and informational knowledge gained is marvelous.  The title is 4g to 5g, it could be inclusive with so many different eye catchers.  So massive so I chose those two to represent this communication.

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