James is back

James is back from his travels to Best Buys.  Picked up a couple of things, ink for my printer, a quality brand tripod, and a HDMI to mini HDMI cable.  I got home and of course like a child at Christmas, I had to try them all out.  The tripod has an attachment to set my dumb smart phone on and video with it or I guess just take photos.  I let the new camera have it now to play with, I did want to see a grown camera cry.

Best Buy has some beautiful drones with cameras also.  Mostly they have the quads, some octagon, and I think I saw some six engine models also.  I so want one but I am also thinking all of that money, and one crash, is wasted.  So anyway I came back, and tried all out, I have not changed the ink yet, but I have many times before. lol  I think my day is not made so I will just visit here often and do other things also.  James is back in the saddle again.

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