Happy Saturday

Happy Saturday, I am off to a great positive day.  What am I going to do?  I will not know that until I finish doing it.  I have planned and for some reason it never works out as I planned.  So derive an idea, move on it, and it seems to work out ok at the completion.  I wrote this in general situations.  At times a plan is workable and completed in a time manner.

I hear the sound of a strong chirping bird.  I assume that it is happy.  The chirp is not that of romance as it was earlier in the spring.  A little song of joy from a fine feathered friend.

The cat that use to come around and beg is now gone.  I remember it was begging then something distracted it into anger and now it is no longer.  I am sure someone did not like it’s begging so much, so they complained to someone and a removal took place.  I do not complain like that myself, I may be assumed to be on here a lot, but really I think I more or less over state at times.


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