My eyes are

As I sit here, my eyes are about to shut.  I have for the most part been dozing while I was sitting here doing a course on LinkedIn about Azure.  I will finish it tomorrow and do another one or two also.  I am not sure but I have eaten too much since 5 PM.  I do feel like it but when I get into bed it will all go away by morning when I have to get up.  I will say this much, it has been a positive day, and I believe tomorrow will be another one plus a beautiful day.

My eyes are about to shut.

A view never forgotten

To anchor or even being underway with a view like the image, I would say that you will never forget it.  I have never boon on a ship like the one pictured, but that would be fun I think in the day time until I got use to it and then let’s go.

James is back

James is back from his travels to Best Buys.  Picked up a couple of things, ink for my printer, a quality brand tripod, and a HDMI to mini HDMI cable.  I got home and of course like a child at Christmas, I had to try them all out.  The tripod has an attachment to set my dumb smart phone on and video with it or I guess just take photos.  I let the new camera have it now to play with, I did want to see a grown camera cry.

Best Buy has some beautiful drones with cameras also.  Mostly they have the quads, some octagon, and I think I saw some six engine models also.  I so want one but I am also thinking all of that money, and one crash, is wasted.  So anyway I came back, and tried all out, I have not changed the ink yet, but I have many times before. lol  I think my day is not made so I will just visit here often and do other things also.  James is back in the saddle again.


I read last evening that Starbucks will be raising the price of their coffee.  Not that it is not high enough now.  It exceeds the coffee cost at Waffle House which is $1.90, even more if you get it to go.  Coffee is about as bad as gasoline prices, very unstable.  At least the gasoline price will go down and up, where coffee tends to go up like taxes and never come down.