A prayer

  • It is time my GOD for me to sleep
  • I soon will lay myself on to my bed
  • I pray that you will heal my friends and family who are sick or ill
  • I pray for a restful night so that I might be constructive tomorrow
  • I pray for the military and for those that have served
  • I pray for safety of those on vacation away from home
  • I pray for children in need of true guidance and to know you my GOD
  • I pray this my GOD as it may be from my heart.

My apartment pool

I was in the office this morning and I was given the pool pass, of course I had to sign for it.  I was give a verbal list of things that has been going on and of course no longer will go on.  Needless to say, disgusting does not cover much of it.  I do not use that pool anyway, for sure not now.

Well, today I remain positive.  Remember, it takes a couple or more of people to have fun, and one to mess the whole day up for all.  I ask sometime why is that so true, I have no answer except that a lot people just do not care.

So when you are out this summer having fun, beware of those that do not respect your right to do so.

LinkedIn accomplishment

Today, I accomplished one of my milestones.  I surpassed 300 connections with members of various levels within the chain of Business.  Now the goal has been lifted to a higher level of 400.  Great people with great ideas, goals, and missions.


I do not know if Software makes a person any smarter or just a little more fluid.  I lost some software yesterday when downloading some software from Charter.  I had to remove some, then it took some away.  Luckyly I had purchased the licenses to use it and I was able to reinstall it without having to repurchase.  NCH software is great for that, helpful and understanding.  When you purchase the use it is for life unless you give it up for some reason.  I am looking at some other software that they put out, so I must trust them and their product.  With their software and my xSplit Broadcaster, and OBS, I must also include Adobe CC.  Now only if I had the knowledge to put it all in my head.  LinkedIn has some good courses on most of what I have, so I do use them.  YouTube also has courses but not as good as LinkedIn.  I do something with some of all each day trying to learn an old dog new tricks.  Software, the future of Cyber Technology.