Today was a fiasco

Today was a fiasco to say the least.  Now, I will also say I have been positive all day, maybe a little upset, but positive.  I never once got hit with any negativity but I should have, so I contained myself.

I finally got her to the interview, after a long wait, she was in there about five minutes and came back out.  She said they said that they would call her when she was up.  A nice way to say dont call us, we’ll call you.  So I killed the whole morning just to get that information.  Negative thoughts, yes, did I say anything? no.  I am positive now, I do not like electrons.

She came and washed her clothes.  I had received a letter from Charter about some security thing they wanted me to install on my computer. Mistake.  I had to delete my software that kills bugs and keeps things in order.  Now I have things missing, my cloud is flying a red flag with an X on it.  I called Charter and they looked at and did not know what to do about it.  The programs are working but something still is not right.

I took her back home and now I am at home doing this.  I hope tomorrow will go much like it should for a job interview.  I have to now go and see if I can find my NCH software that is missing.  The main things are still on here otherwise I would be smoking.  Out of the ears, not things from the mouth.  Yes, today was a fiasco.






2 thoughts on “Today was a fiasco

    1. It aggrevates me but it seems to be working great now for some reason. the red dot with a x is still there.

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