Social Security

I read an article this morning about Social Security again is running out of money.  I am sorry to say, if they loaned the money to Congress to waste, and they did, ask Congress to repay the money.  The were talking also about Medicare running out of funds also.  Heck, they gave us a raise, took it back to increase out Medicare payments.  So in fact we received no raise from Social Security.  I do not know why it is so hard for the government to keep a balanced budget like the families have to do.  I realize the government is made up of highly educated people who could not make it in society so they run for office and do nothing.  It is not the government, it is the people in the government that causes the problems.  I really have no answer, I did vote, and I can complain if I need to.  It is not just our government, it is world-wide.  Ok, enough of this mess.

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