Previously I said

It is funny how just be knowing a subject so well that you can predict what will happen.  In an earlier post I said that I will have one interference to tend with, sure enough, they said last evening that anytime this morning would be fine, well it is pass noon, and they were contacted about 2 hours ago.  I have procrastinated things that I could have done by now till later.  Guess what, this is not the first time, it will probably be very close to the last time.

I was going to do some Adobe today.  So much about the product that I want to learn and understand.  I do have a writing project that I want to begin soon.  I may start the outline soon and see how I want to structure it.  More about that in the near future or maybe even later than that.  I will say that this project will include photos now that I have a quality camera to work with.

So, remaining positive, I may procrastinate some, but a little interference will not curve what I want to do.  I am so rigid that I can’t bend.  Previously I said this would happen.

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