I am positive today

I hear the morning sounds going strong today.  Birds chirping, insect talking bug, trains blowing, lite wind breezing and other sounds that I do not normally hear.  So with all of the sounds of nature sounding loud and forceful, I will say that I am positive today will be a fantastic day.  With enthusiasm as force to compel me be optimistic and encouraged that today will again be a POSITIVE day for everyone.

Will I accomplish much today?  Most likely not.  I do have a few interruptions today that I have to deal with.  I will be able to work around them if I do not get bogged down with their problems.  I have to maintain my mental state and leave my concerned heart at home or elsewhere.  It is the bleeding heart that cause most of my emotions for others’ problems.  I hate to say it but I do believe that I could be considered a co-dependent when it comes to listening to and acting to relieve the situations of discussion.  I have been called good-hearted, in fact I do not believe I am even close to that, concerned for my fellow-man/woman and their welfare.

I am POSITIVE that I will overcome any urge to assist.

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