D Day

American soldiers landing on the coast of France under heavy machine gun fire.


American soldiers landing on the coast of France under heavy machine gun fire. REUTERS/File Let us never forget.

The brain was positive today

The other party asked me if I could take them to the interviews.  I said yes to that, I did speak up and say no to taking them to and from work each day.  The party has a friend that can get them to work, but unable to get them home after work.  The heart did not bleed and the brain was positive today.

Please understand, James – that is me, will do most any thing for a person that appreciate it.  Some people takes advantage of you if you try and help them.

So tomorrow is one interview, and probably a job – temp service placement.  The interview Friday maybe or not.

Noted event

You may have heard by now Sears is closing 72 more stores in 2018.  They are slowly going the way of their other property K-Mart.

Another article was talking about traveling to and from work.  That is may cause health problems, many of which most people would not relate the two.  Alcohol, obesity, depression, and others.

Expecting a package?  UPS is set for a strike.  They do I think have some robot trucks but will they use them?

The person that I am supposed to help today, txt and said they received two calls today for job interviews one tomorrow and one friday.

Previously I said

It is funny how just be knowing a subject so well that you can predict what will happen.  In an earlier post I said that I will have one interference to tend with, sure enough, they said last evening that anytime this morning would be fine, well it is pass noon, and they were contacted about 2 hours ago.  I have procrastinated things that I could have done by now till later.  Guess what, this is not the first time, it will probably be very close to the last time.

I was going to do some Adobe today.  So much about the product that I want to learn and understand.  I do have a writing project that I want to begin soon.  I may start the outline soon and see how I want to structure it.  More about that in the near future or maybe even later than that.  I will say that this project will include photos now that I have a quality camera to work with.

So, remaining positive, I may procrastinate some, but a little interference will not curve what I want to do.  I am so rigid that I can’t bend.  Previously I said this would happen.

Parents beware

I just did a search and I came upon adult sites.  I am amazed as how many adult sites are out and about no matter where a person might wonder.  Don’t get me wrong, agree or don’t agree, each person is entitled to follow their desires.  If a child can read and search, wow, they can find out anything whether or not they specifically look for that material.  I just searched the word streaming.  A simple word, no adult connotations expected but they were there.