The Birds

Today, the bird’s chirp has a different sound to it.  It seems to be slower, and stronger.  Is that a good sign?  I don’t know.  Maybe the nest is complete and they await their shell of joy.  The bird is a very smart creature, they are constantly looking around for prey that will attack them.  They will fight hard to maintain their life style.  They will protect their families from those much larger than they are.  Most of the time they win the battle also.

It is said to watch a bird bring alone a strong viewer.  You might like the bird, but they for sure do not like you.  Now, I do know if you have a feeder and water for them, they will sit back and watch you fix it up, then as soon as you are away from it they will come and enjoy the handout.  They will share with other birds, but will fight for their share also.  The birds are fun to watch.

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