Silly old man follow-up

My post of the Silly old man, I think I could write a book about him.  Of course it would not sell.   It was fun trying to get the recording to work.  I finally got close and then I sent it out.

It is a nice day today out among the cars and cut grass.  The apartment has a team come by each week and cut, trim, and blow the complex.  It is noisy but I guess it has to be done.  They opened the pool this past weekend, I have not been yet and will most likely not this whole year.  I just do not care for it that much.  I think the water just might be a little chilled for me right now.

I bought some medications a bit ago, got home and put some stuff into the frig, so guess where the medications went.  I got to looking for them and their they were in the frig in the bag that I placed there.  Again I say Silly old man.

Richard and rattle snakes

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