A little story for me to tell

I have a little story for me to tell, it is a true story of a man who has battled various problems in his life.  He has conquered most of them, some of the problems have resulted from those in the past.  I will not allow me to get too engrossed in the woodwork of the story.  The story actually consists of different events and how each has been a problem.  I shall prepare myself to begin shortly.

Now I shall begin.

Years ago, I was only 18 years of age and because of the problems that my birth dad and mother had years before, I had always said that I would not drink.  Well, a month after I turned 18 I joined the military.  In the beginning, I had no problems with not drinking even if a military member could drink on base at 18 years old.  I received orders to Germany I was excited about the orders.  Well, when I got there I found that a small coke was $1 a bottle, and a tall beer was $.25.  I also found out that the Germans love their beer and that it is warm when you drink it.  It was also powerful.  They also had great food to eat, rich desserts and so forth.  I begin to learn some words and I added to my adventures while I was there.

The funny thing was when I returned to the states, I could not drink the beer because it was too weak.  People use alcohol as a crutch but it is not really.  Alcohol will blur your judgment and you will maybe do things that you normally would not do.  I was a loner, and have been for most of my life, so I believed that I enjoyed some alcohol now and then.  On a morning in 1994, I woke with a slight headache.  I did my morning routine and I said then no more, and until today I have honored that statement.  I am dry as I can.

I was in my truck one night going to Arizona and alone, so I began to think about my life and all of the negatives that I had been involved in.  What had caused me to make the bad judgments, time after time?  Regardless what came to mind as a negative, alcohol was associated with it.  So at that time, I was happy that I went through the thought process that I did and the conclusion was that I had a problem.  The problem is long gone now,  I am not sure, but I do think a lot of my medical problems are the result of the days that I indulged in the use of alcohol.

This concludes comments that I relate to.  Please do not read into this that I am saying do not use alcohol, that is strictly a personal thing and therefore, you have to make that decision.  No doubt, under the same conditions as I indicated here, I’d do it again.  Enjoy your life and do not seek help if you need it.  Remember, I’ve had cancer, I talked to a doctor and got checked out, I was a stage III.  You never know what is bothering you.

Thank you for allowing me to spout off about my personal life.  Sometimes I need to do just that.



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