Out of life

I must say that it has been traumatic for me, an old critter, to fade into a frenzy like a kid at Christmas after the great bearded one had come and left so much joy to take so much of the time the kids have on their hands.  Wow, a long statement above, I am not sure that it would pass an English quiz.  Anyway, back on the course of my thought.  The camera came and I knew that I was in for a ride in order for me to understand it.  It is so much more involved than the Canon SLR that I use to have.  This camera is a physic of light transition and reflection computer.  Oh, it is the Canon Rebel 6 DSLR eos 1300D as the base with three different lens and filters.  I have been over on YouTube getting an education of buttons and light response.  I did, however, get the impression that this camera is one of the best on the market for the price.

I decided to drop by here again today and gloat about my new toy.  Now I have to go out and use if a bit for my better understanding and advancement into the wonder world of light physics.  Ok, now my gloating is over, so let me move on in a new direction.  The rain has stopped for a few days. hahaha, enough of weather it will get worse if I give much credit to it.  Snow in June.  My sister had her birthday yesterday, and returned from a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico.

I think I have decided to conclude my visits to the Waffle House each day.  I will go down from time to time just to be seen I guess, but I am done with the every day gig.  It is much cheaper for me to sleep, eat, and drink here at home than go there and buy all the time.  It is a travel one way of about 13 – 15 miles.  I am done.

That is my update for now, I will fade for a while and will be back with some other kind of wordiness later.

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