Nothing special

Today is one of those days when nothing special is going on.  Hey, my elbow does hurt a little but it is just a different location for pain.  I did go out and relocate one vehicle into its garage, the other one is still outside my door so if I need to go, I just jump in and ride.  I do not have a Clide so I just say ride.  I have also been relocating debris into a different storage space, as in box or containers.  Most of will become trash as a later date I am sure.  I did go to YouTube and walked around, but I was so board that I came back started to do what I do best not much of nothing.

Has anyone ever thought about why, even with so much electronics out in the great cyber world, a cloud on ever corner, just why in the heck are so much paper just lying around?  I need to start doing more on the computer and use my cyber world techniques to store every thing on a CD or Thumb Disk, or some cloud that is dry and not full of rain. But then I’d have to name all of me entries.  I think that why I do not do it now.

I will figure it out even if I have to it carried into cyber space and left with all of the other space trash.  Fun, fun, fun.

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