Declutterization has kicked in

Old James has done it, DECLUTTERIZATION HAS KICKED IN and now in a box.  I dug out my vhs and cd player and hooked up to my second TV and now my deal is about complete.  Clutter is gone.

Nothing special

Today is one of those days when nothing special is going on.  Hey, my elbow does hurt a little but it is just a different location for pain.  I did go out and relocate one vehicle into its garage, the other one is still outside my door so if I need to go, I just jump in and ride.  I do not have a Clide so I just say ride.  I have also been relocating debris into a different storage space, as in box or containers.  Most of will become trash as a later date I am sure.  I did go to YouTube and walked around, but I was so board that I came back started to do what I do best not much of nothing.

Has anyone ever thought about why, even with so much electronics out in the great cyber world, a cloud on ever corner, just why in the heck are so much paper just lying around?  I need to start doing more on the computer and use my cyber world techniques to store every thing on a CD or Thumb Disk, or some cloud that is dry and not full of rain. But then I’d have to name all of me entries.  I think that why I do not do it now.

I will figure it out even if I have to it carried into cyber space and left with all of the other space trash.  Fun, fun, fun.


Italy is a sovereign state in Europe.  It extends out into the Mediterranean Sea.  The Vatican City is in Italy.  Founded March 17, 1861.  It is a beautiful country, and I have been there, a lot of history can be found within the boundaries of the borders.  Go there and drink some good coffee.

Aunt Mildred

I was thinking about the Man and Woman, and Billy Bob and Sally Mae.  They have not called me lately and let me know what they are doing.  I am sure they are ok, but I have been trying to get in touch with them so I might update you on their travels.   I will hopefully hear from them today and will update you then.  But in the mean time.  Aunt Mildred has come up for air and of course as always she has a bunch of stories to tell and to make you think.

Now, Aunt Mildred, my mother’s aunt, is from the yesterday year with her life style.  She no longer works, but she loves to tell stories of old.  She was talking the other day about one of her husbands that she had.  She said that he worked to make sure that they had food on the table and the bills got paid.  He came home one day and told her that he had got fired from his job in the coal mine.  She said she asked him, why? what happen?  what did you do now Joe?  Joe was his name, she said that he did not want to talk about right then, long faced and wanting a beer so he could go out on the porch to sit a while.  She knew something was wrong, but could not put her finger on it.  She went out on the porch to sit with him a bit, asking again what was wrong.  Joe, stubborn as she called him, never said anything just kept looking into the street.

Now, what Aunt Mildred does not know is that Joe is kidding her just to see what she will do, and who she will call.  He has this set up with some of their friends to back Joe up and keep Aunt Mildred guessing.  It is about dinner time and Aunt Mildred has cooked some veggies and bread with left over ham.  She comes to the door and tells Joe that dinner is ready, so Joe gets up and washes his hands and sits in his chair to start to eat.  He and Aunt Mildred bows for prayer and they begin to eat.  No one is talking at this time.  Joe, mumbles to himself, got me a raise and a new job.  Aunt Mildred said nothing and just kept eating the meal that she had cooked.

So, Aunt Mildred finished eating, said that she was going into the sewing room and sew some, that someone around there had to work.  She told him that since he was not working any more that he could clean the table and wash the dishes.  Joe blurted out that I just told you woman that I got me a raise and a new job.  I am a foreman and I do not do dishes.  She looked at him and returned fire and said that she was the foreman of that house and he would do the dishes or get fired again with no raise.  The battle was on, well Joe did wash the dishes and life went on until the old cancer got Joe a few years later.

Aunt Mildred has more stores so stand by.

Out of life

I must say that it has been traumatic for me, an old critter, to fade into a frenzy like a kid at Christmas after the great bearded one had come and left so much joy to take so much of the time the kids have on their hands.  Wow, a long statement above, I am not sure that it would pass an English quiz.  Anyway, back on the course of my thought.  The camera came and I knew that I was in for a ride in order for me to understand it.  It is so much more involved than the Canon SLR that I use to have.  This camera is a physic of light transition and reflection computer.  Oh, it is the Canon Rebel 6 DSLR eos 1300D as the base with three different lens and filters.  I have been over on YouTube getting an education of buttons and light response.  I did, however, get the impression that this camera is one of the best on the market for the price.

I decided to drop by here again today and gloat about my new toy.  Now I have to go out and use if a bit for my better understanding and advancement into the wonder world of light physics.  Ok, now my gloating is over, so let me move on in a new direction.  The rain has stopped for a few days. hahaha, enough of weather it will get worse if I give much credit to it.  Snow in June.  My sister had her birthday yesterday, and returned from a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico.

I think I have decided to conclude my visits to the Waffle House each day.  I will go down from time to time just to be seen I guess, but I am done with the every day gig.  It is much cheaper for me to sleep, eat, and drink here at home than go there and buy all the time.  It is a travel one way of about 13 – 15 miles.  I am done.

That is my update for now, I will fade for a while and will be back with some other kind of wordiness later.