Updated my internet

Today I was talking to Charter Spectrum, and I ask her about if I had the fastest service she said no that they have much faster.  I asked how much, she gave me a price, I asked if their clown had to come out to install, she went and talked to someone and came back and told me that she had fired it to me, that if might take a while to download.  No clown needed.  Yea, I thought.  So sometime between now and tomorrow I should have 300 megs or whatever they call it.  She said my router would take at least 400, so I am good there.

So not James is on the move, his figures are speeding up and he is crying all the way to the bank, yes it cost a little more.lol.  Nah, just a thing to keep my mind from turning into mush.  At least one thing I tried my camera and xSplits out and it seems more happier, it also got another upgrade.  Maybe that is why if felt so good.  I tried UBS and it was working great also.  No upgrade for it yet.

Adobe got one upgrade yesterday, otherwise those programs are still a pain to get into and operate.  I know people will disagree with me on that but I watch the lessons and they do one thing then another and never tell you what they are doing.  I am old and slow so please understand I am not a dummmy just slow and old.

I like little stories about me, even if I have to write them.  I can make them funny or sad because I have lived that life for most of it.  If and when you read it feel free to laugh or feel sad, I will never know unless you tell me.  I actually like me a little, so that is where I stand for now.

Thank you for flabbergasting with me.

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