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My day today

Here I am again watching TV NCIS New Orleans. I have two TVs hooked together and I can watch on one and internet Blogs on the other. It is a different live style than I am use to doing. Before it was either or. It does make for a better story when I need research, I can research it and take from it as I complete a story. Most of the time I tell my stories from my head. I am well-trained on typing from a copy and do the spelling correctly. Back in the day when I use to be live, online and had to type fast and exactly what the copy said at 100-120 wpm you will soon get good at it. I am out of practice now but I can still hold my own if I need to.

This copy that I am making at present, I am using a format on Adobe IC. I have been working with for a while and I am now getting the hang of it and I want to maybe use it to write a more complete Publishing. I am not sure if I will go that route but it is a consideration that I am considering in the future. I need to try to do something of value with my efforts if I can.

I really do not have a story to tell but I can make some copy of many little stories and maybe work it all into a story of its own. The old Readers Digest type of publication. More of about this at some later publication.


A future decision

I am giving some thought about stopping going to the Waffle House every day because of the expense in going each day. If I eat then a tip is expected, it cost gas to go from where I live to the Waffle House. One has to consider the round trip sequence. All of this is a seven-day event. I have been going down to be with some friends of the elderly age group and we would cut up and talk about the old days and how things have changed. We are all having health issues which have caused us to go our own ways. I have two Waffle Houses up within a half mile from my house. I do not like them but some of the people working there I do enjoy the company of when there and we have a conversation.

The Wal-Mart is across the street from where I live and in the parking lot areas there is a Burger King, pizza stores, Chinese, and chicken places. Down the main road you can find places like McDonald’s, Kristal’s, KFC, Arby’s, and many other restaurants. There is plenty to do around my home and again there is an expense of which you want to find at home if you prepare for yourself. I was talking today to a few people who either work at the Waffle House that I go to or is one of the old-timers that I see each day. I told the waitress that she and a couple of others are one reason that I am not already gone. I told my friend that I was thinking of leaving the Waffle House customer group. He seems to have the same idea, however, he also likes to get close to the waitresses (not in an aggressive way). I think he is wrong doing that but I want to tell him because he reacts crazy sometime. He likes to make noise, and all of that kind of “fun”.

My decision is  coming shortly and I will either add it here or in the future.



Insurance is another area that I have issues with. Of course there is nothing that I can do about the cost of insurance. I have two cars and full coverage on both. The cost goes up based on the use for the year before. It hurts when I have accidents to my credit and, therefore, I get the raise as if I had done something wrong. I also have rentals insurance which is not very costly but I am required to have it where I live because I am in an apartment. My medical insurance is three-fold. I have a policy from where I retired, one from a place where my disabilities are recorded, and the other is the Medicare of which I paid in to a plan all my life. My expense is co-pays. Thant can get expensive fast. My hold point about them is if you do not use them then you are wasting money but should you ever need them you will be covered and it is the best thing that you can have. The rules have changed so much that you never know what they will cover or pay on the issue that you face. It can be a very big headache or mental situation. The fact is and there is no way out of but we find that we have to have insurance regardless of the cost that we might have.


a complete kit

I ordered a DSLR camera kit yesterday and it should be here tomorrow. I am looking forward to it because with it I can go out and take come photos of great content for some of my blogs and published items. I will tell a lot more about it all tomorrow once it comes. I will even show it on film. I have been working with video on the computer using my 920 cameras, xSplits and OBS systems to record and sent the videos out to Facebook and YouTube. I have sent a recording over my blog once just to see how it would work out. This DSLR is able to produce 1080P at 30fps. That is HD capability. I can do wonders with it once I get it working like I want to. I am so happy and so interested in doing what I am doing. I have learned so much about writing since I started to the blogs, not that I am good at it but I do enjoy it very much.

Updates are coming.


A follow-on

I am about to get serious with something here soon. I want to think about it for a while before I start the transcript. I want to try to script an article as realistic as I can make it. I am not a gamer so I have to rely on other criteria to assemble and disseminate my content.


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