Billy Bob and Sally Mae pt2

The couple had a fun and interesting visit to Sweetwater now on to other interesting areas.  They continue travel down I-20 into Midland, TX.   Midland is where the President George W. Bush’s childhood home is located.  The Petroleum Museum is also located there as it the Bank of America Building.  Many more places to see and visit.  The couple decides to take a half day and visit as much as they could, eat some good food and move on towards Pecos.

Pecos, TX is growing or remodeling.  It is believed that the first rodeo started in Pecos.  A lot of history in this little growing town.  Ranching, oil and gas is the conversation found there when talking to old timers.  Pecos has ten hotels which Billy Bob and Sally Mae might stay.  I also know that the food is good there also.

From Pecos the couple drives westward and I-20 will run into I-10 as they follow westward on I-10 toward California they will begin to run into hills, Texas Mountains, these hills are not bad but interesting.  The couple is only a few miles north of the Mexico border.  a ways out and nothing to really see, is a town called Van Horn, TX.  It is a nice little cozy place to visit.  A lot of border patrol are stationed there.  A few miles from here is where the couple will see their first check point to the south of the highway.  A 24 hour check point.  They decide to spend the night in Van Horn as it has been a long day.

The next morning they are up and ready for some travel.  The next major stop is El Paso, TX.  They are able to cross the border there if they want but they have to be careful.  Juärez can be fun, costly, and dangerous.  Now El Paso has a lot of interesting things to do, visit and I could take a few days to do it all.  After they leave El Paso they will enter into New Mexico.  I am not sure what they will do just yet, so I will let them sleep for a while and talk about it.

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