Farmer John and Bessy

I sit here in the comfort of the dark room, not for no real reason except I feel invisible to anyone or anything.  It is to rain all day again today and most of the rest of the week.  So, if I am not seen then I am safe in my own environment.

Did I tell you the story of old farmer John?  He used to go out during the daylight hours, get on his tractor and ride the fields alone.  He had good crops in his fields, some cattle in his pastures, and the pleasure of just relaxing on his own land.  His tractor was a nice one enclosed cab with conditioning and a radio.  He could hook a little tv up but he had no signal in his fields to make it worthwhile.  Farmer John had a small farm for the area where he lived, he had only 15,000 acres.  He paid it off a few years back, just him and his wife Bessy.

I can recall me doing similar to what Farmer John does, I use to when I was on the ship deployed go back into one of my compartments with doors opening out astern.  I had a cab that I could sit in and relax in quietness and just be alone.  Freedom is nice when it is used right.

Farmer John and Bessy would have dinner about 6 pm each day.  They would sit on the couch together and watch some TV shows, news and weather, the retire to bed.  I have no idea what they did then.

The next morning Bessy would be up and have Farmer John’s breakfast ready for him by 6 AM.  He’d eat, kiss Bessy and thank her for her love and go get his tractor and repeat his day.  Now sometime he did do things around the house just keep order.  He was a just man and liked to have all things done before he had to spend serious time in the fields.

As far as I know, Farmer John and Bessy had a long life together, a good life, church on Sundays, and town when necessary.  They were good people and the community could tell many stories about them when asked.


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