A defender of freedom

This is a story of a dog and a cat.  We all know that cats and dogs are not the best of friends.  I do not know if it is a fun thing or just a difference in nature.  Let’s see how it goes here.  I do not know the cat’s name so she is called cat here.

This family has a little dog which can be a very sweet dog, but by the same token, he can be a heck raiser.  The dog’s name is Buffy.  Now Buffy likes to go out in the backyard of the house and play alone and sometimes he will chase birds or squirrels but in fun, I think.  The yard, as I said, is fenced in and he has a dog house with water and a cooling system installed.  We would call him an uptown dog.

Buffy was watching the yard next door and some stray dogs were giving this cat fits.  The cat went up a tree so she would not get hurt by the dogs.  Buffy would bark at the dogs, not knowing dog language, I would hope he was saying leave that cat alone.  This bad treatment became so bad that it was going on each day.  One day Buffy got out of the fence and muddied up with the cat.  The cat took a liking to Buffy, a friend that the cat needed.  Well, the group of dogs came back to bother the cat again but was faced with Buffy being there.

Buffy, defended the ground and would not allow the cat to be harmed.  The cat felt so safe that she did not even go into the tree for safety.  Buffy and the cat became friends and Buffy’s owners adopted the cat.  The other dogs never came back to bother.  Buffy the defender of freedom.

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