Man and woman pt2

As stated previously, man departed back overseas for his duty station.  The woman stayed behind for the time being.

The man got all of his files and records updated to include the marriage to the woman.  Doing this would allow her to have medical benefits coverage and she would start receiving money each month also.  She really did not want to get a passport for travel to his location.  He finally figured that part out and was happy with it also.

After a couple of months separation from each other, the man receives a letter notifying him that he was going to be a father.  Well, not surprised but happy about, especially after he found that is was going to be a boy.  All of the man’s friends were happy for him.

As the birthdate of the son was near man has arranged transfer back to the states close to where he lived.  He was lucky enough that he actually was home when she went into labor and there for the birth of the son.  Man and woman were both so very happy.  The man was able to buy a house for the family close to his work base.  The man was not doing the kind of work that his assignment sent him to do, so he got transferred to another overseas station.  He served that tour of duty and returned home and separated from the service at that time.  The man took work in an industrial plant, was happy there also but they had to sell the house since it was located in another town.  The family was doing well for themselves. eventually, they moved around a bit and found that the marriage was not working.  The wife was again with child, another boy.

The man and wife discuss their wants and the wife and son relocate back to her family and the man continues to work at the plant.  He gives thought to so many ways to go and one day he talked to another military branch and was gone again to schools and duty stations.  The new son was born soon after, the military took care of the birth and all payments for wife and sons.  The man and woman divorced finally and went their own ways.

Part 3 follows.

Oh GOD of mine #2

  • Oh GOD of mine, I say unto you as the Master of all beings
  • Lead those who are true,
  • protect those that lag behind as they will come to you
  • Lead us from temptations and servitude
  • Teach us your laws, and guidance so we may serve you abundantly.
  • As we reach out for the righteous ways accept all seek your way
  • Oh GOD of mine, your way is my way.


United Kingdom

I am covering this country today because I have ties to it genetically.  I am kin to two kings of the past, King James I and King James II.  I have been personally to both England and Ireland, beautiful countries.  Some news about the UK is that it sees more than 60k lightning strikes during thunderstorms.

Queen Elizabeth II is the monarch, and Theresa May is the Prime Minister.  The last ruling King was George VI.  The granddaddy of all clocks is located in England and it is called Big Ben.  I might add that the United Kingdom is made up of Great Britain and Northern Ireland;  it is also just called Britain and a sovereign country in western Europe.


Switzerland is a relatively small country surrounded by more larger countries.  Switzerland is officially the Swiss Confederation and is a sovereign state in Europe.  The city of Bem is the seat of the federal authorities.  It was founded in 1291 and consist of an area of 15,940 sq miles.  Explore Switzerland holidays and discover the best time and places to visit.  It is a beautiful country and fun visits can be had.  You have the Swiss Alps and the Matterhorn to see.


I think I will do something different for a while and see how it goes.  Countries, I think will be of interest to some people.  I am starting with one that I see often Cameroon.

Officially The Republic of Cameroon is located in central Africa.  The country was founded January 1, 1960.  The area of the country is 183,569 sq miles.  The capital city is Yaoundë, the national anthem is O Cameroon, Cradle of Our Forefathers.